Embracing reality 

Extrastudio is a Lisbon based architecture practice established in 2003. The office develops small and large projects with programs ranging from housing to retail and public space.

In recent years we have received public commissions for the design of waterfront and urban parks, and have also worked with private clients on the design of mixed used buildings and houses.



We focus on master planning, architecture and interior design projects. Our problem solving strategies result in creative, innovative and unseen solutions, designed on time and on budget.

We embrace complexity and diversity, and we are interested in dealing with heritage, urban regeneration and environmental issues.

We provide our clients the commitment and attention of a small-scale office and the technical expertise of a large firm. Our vision is the outcome of the ability to balance budget and expectations.



We engage the awareness of people, the efficiency of public investment and the perception of local values as the driving forces of design.

We recognize the role of architecture in the success of any business.

We understand the design of a house as a fundamental and life-changing experience. We believe in the power of architecture to make people happy.


Design philosophy

Design is the result of context and ingenuity. Architecture is the dialogue between condition, performance and character.

We perceive our work as a partnership between clients, consultants and builders in the search for custom made solutions.

Our buildings form part of people’s lives, city routines and landscapes. 

We regard architecture as part of one continuous process, which is able to age, to evolve and to gain character.


The research for new materials and unconventional construction techniques is the quest for unmistakable solutions, resulting from the process, team work and passion. We develop culturally relevant projects, engaging the public, the environment and the urban context with architecture, creating value from banal elements.

João Caldeira Ferrão

Degree in Architecture, Lisbon Technical University School of Architecture, 2000

Fakultät Für Architektur RWTH Aachen, 1999
Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA-AMO: Rem Koolhaas) in Rottedam, Netherlands, 2000
Herzog & de Meuron in Basel, Switzerland from 2000 to 2003
Teacher in Universidade Independente in Lisboa from 2004 to 2006

João Costa Ribeiro

Degree in Architecture, Lisbon Technical University School of Architecture, 2000
Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid, 1999
Post-graduate studies in Architecture and History of Architecture, Coimbra University, 2003
In Lisbon worked at Atelier do Chiado Arquitectos, Contemporânea Arquitectos e Atelier Central 
Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA-AMO: Rem Koolhaas) in Rottedam, Netherlands, 2000
Board member of the South Section of the Portuguese Architects Association in 2016/2013, 2009/2007 and 2006/2004

Sónia Oliveira
Degree in Architecture, Lisbon Technical University School of Architecture, 2003

PMP Architecture in Glasgow from 2007 to 2008

Rita Rodrigues
Master in Architecture, ISCTE-Lisbon University Institute, 2014

Sara Morais

Oslo School of Architecture and Design, 2016

Degree in Architecture, Lisbon Technical University School of Architecture, 2017
Atelier Borges de Macedo, Arquitectura, 2017-2019

Ana Rita Carvalho
Degree in Architecture,  Lisbon Technical University School of Architecture, 2017

Inês Guergosso
Degree in Architecture, Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto, 2021 

Faculdade de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo, Buenos Aires, 2018

EUMiesAward 22 - (Selected), Barcelona

FAD prizes 2017 (Finalist) Barcelona, Spain
ENOR prizes 2017 (Selected) Vigo, Spain
BigMat International Architecture Award 2017 (Selected) Luxembourg
Horta's Waterfront (1st prize) Faial, Azores, 2013
Contractworld Awards 2010 (Mention) Hannover, Germany, 2010
Contractworld Awards 2010 (Selected for Next Generation Award) Hannover, Germany, 2010
Can Escandell Park (Mention) Ibiza, Spain, 2010
La Hoya Park (Finalist) Almería, Spain, 2010
São Jacinto Dunes Natural Park Headquarters (2nd Prize) Aveiro, Portugal, 2009
Tavira Island Masterplan (1st Prize) Tavira, Portugal 2009
Garrão Beach Masterplan (2nd Prize) Faro, Portugl, 2009
Fuseta Beach and Fuzeta Island Masterplan (3rd Prize) Fuseta, Portugal, 2009
Valdebebas Urban Park (Mention) Madrid, Spain, 2009
Green Project Awards (Mention) Lisbon, Portugal, 2008
Légua Beach Masterplan (1st Prize) Alcobaça, Portugal, 2007
Organic Award, San Francisco, USA, 2007
Pinhal Novo Elementary School (2nd Prize) Palmela, Portugal, 2007
Cenário Urbano (1st Prize) Lisbon, Portugal, 2007
Galé/Salgados Beachfront (2nd Prize) Albufeira, Portugal, 2007
Hidrographic Institute Building (2nd Prize) Lisboa, 2006
Headquarters for the Montesinho Natural Park (2nd Prize) Bragança, Portugal, 2005
Headquarters for the North Section of the Portuguese Architects Association (Mention) Oporto, Portugal, 2005

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